KYE Factory Location :

Hong Kong to KYE Factory : 100 Minutes , 60 miles
Shenzhen airport to KYE Factory : 40 minutes, 30 miles
Guangzhou to KYE Factory : 80 minutes, 40 miles
KYE D.G. Campus (Production Building) :

Management System Certification:

1993 ISO 9002 certificate
1995 ISO 9001 certificate
1996 ISO 14001 certificate
2001 ISO 9000:2000 certificate
2004 OHSAS 18001 certificate
2005 ISO/TEC 17025 chemical analysis lab. Certificate
2006 IECQ QC080000 certificate
2010 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management ISO14064-1:2006
2012 ISO 13485:2003 certificate
2014 ISO 50001:2011 certificate Energy management system certificate

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 ISO/IEC 17025 QC 080000 ISO 14064
ISO 13485 ISO 50001        

Manufacturing Management :

【 Advanced Information System 】
KYE manages the operation and quality not only by experiences and process but also by comprehensive data and analysis collected by sophisticated information system. The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is developed by KYE to link the top floor resource planning systems (ERP, PLM) and shop floor control systems for driving the efficiency with real-time activity report on all aspects of operation .
【 Production Automation 】
KYE believes that production automation is one of the core approaches to execute the EICC targets of safe and fair labor policy. The production automation is not meant to replace labors but to support with consistent quality and efficiency. There is dedicated team in KYE factory to discover and develop the every possible production automation procedure as well as equipment. Some automation procedures have been applied to certain process of Mouse, KB, Card Reader, and Image Devices.

Project Management :

KYE Project Management Team is composed of Project Manager, Technical Project Leader and Manufacturing Integration Project Manager (MIPM) to manage the project from different aspects of business/product communication, technical design, and manufacturing process. Not only the comprehensive project processes but also the services provided by KYE in each stage lead to the project success.
【 Innovation 】
KYE owns 1,062 patents including scrolling wheel patent, Every July, KYE holds internal R&D technology fair to encourage the development and execution of new ideas. We share the ideas with our customers once ideas pass the appraisal of sales, PM and top management.
※  Owner of1,062 patents around the world.
565 patents for mice family.
Classification Taiwan China Japan USA Gemany Europe Subtotal Total
Invention 122 8 0 45 2 0 177 1,062
Design 174 150 4 31 5 21 385
Utility Model 126 283 34 0 57 0 500

【 Integration 】
It is the strategy of KYE to integrate the value chain capability not only from the point of view of material sourcing and production facilities but also the technologies. KYE encourages and facilitates the technology exchange among its affiliated companies and strategic partners so that customers enjoy the quick access to the new products and related experiences.