Company Data:

Founded: November 3 , 1983
Public Company in Taiwan stock market
(TSC2365): Nov. 1997
Capital: US$100M (2011)
Sales Revenue: US$292M (2011)
US$379M (Estimate 2012)
Head Office: Taipei, Taiwan
Sales Office: U.S.A.( Miami office and L.A. office),
Germany, U.K., H.K., China
Factory: China(2 Building)
Employees: 320 in Taipei,
60 in Overseas offices
3200~3800 in China
(depending on seasonal demand)


1983: KYE was established
1985: Started Mouse Biz.
1991: Diversified to Multimedia & LAN Biz
1995: Became the patent owner of Scrolling Wheel
1995: Moved factories to China
1996: Introduced World’s No.1 Scrolling Wheel Mouse
1997: Publicly listed in Taiwan Stock Market
2000: Established OEM Bu & manufactured mouse for HP & MS
2002: Planned & manufactured the internal card reader a for HP
2003: Produced Barcode Reader for Symbol
2005: Became vendors for Asus and Acer
2006: 100% LF Production
2007: Manufactured IP Cam for WiLife and Logitech
2008: Started OEM Biz for KB and Air Game Controller
2009: EMS for Cleaning Robot, DV, DSC and being OEM partners for Philips,Fujitsu and Sony
2010: 2010: EICC approved KYE as new member (No. 7 EICC Member in Taiwan)